This summer I was lucky enough to intern at Pearson HQ within the legal department for 5 weeks under the supervision of a member of the senior legal council.


Right from the first morning at Pearson, I was introduced to the larger projects such as ongoing long term legal issues with major implications for Pearson. My attention was then turned to the multitude of legal queries from other departments within Pearson regarding their rights in a contract or preventing a breach of contract. These queries covered a large breadth of the different areas of law within the education sector. On my very first day, I was lucky enough to be given the responsibility of examining and amending draft contracts to ensure it was irrefutable and ready to be presented for signing by parties involved.

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Although it was slightly daunting at first, it was exciting to anticipate what unexpected challenging legal issue was next to come through. With every issue, it was first and foremost important to confirm the issues to be dealt with were within our jurisdiction within the Pearson senior legal team. This was usually followed by carefully going through the contract of the case given in order to identify a legal basis for conducting a particular action or activity the party was intending to pursue. It was also vital to identify clauses which pinpointed the exact rights of both parties.

During the first week of my internship, there was a flurry of meetings discussing the recent GDPR implications and how activity at Pearson would be affected. It was an insightful experience to see how a large corporation created precautions requiring implementation of prevention measures to ensure accordance with protection of rights of the data subject. They also entailed any new procedures that would have to be created and introduced to prevent even the slightest possibility of Pearson breaching GDPR.

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At the end of the day all short term issues were wrapped up by ensuring all legal advice given that day has an electronic paper trail and next steps for long term cases were identified to be tackled the following day.

From completing my internship, I have enhanced my research skills and have become confident in quickly identifying key details of a contract which could affect the viewpoint of a whole case. This opportunity immensely improved my application of analytical skills with repeated exposure and practice in finding financial comebacks for contracts and amending privacy notices to comply with new laws.

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