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The Top 10 essentials to pack for Uni

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Moving in general is a pretty big stress for anyone and it’s even harder for somebody that has never done it before. Moving to Uni is an important time and so you need to make sure you pack the essentials. You will most likely remember the main things like clothes, towels, books, bedding and electrical items, but may forget or overlook some of these bits I have listed below. Below is a checklist of the essential bits you may want to make sure you have.

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1. A pack of playing cards – The first thing that you want to be doing when you move in is meeting the new people you will be living with. Therefore a good way to bond, make friends and to be seen to be sociable is to have a pack of cards. It’s a good social game that will get everybody together, talking, laughing and making friends. An ideal way to break the ice!

2. Important documents – It almost goes without saying that one thing you MUST pack is your important documents. This will be so essential especially in the first few weeks of Uni. Make a folder of all your important docs such as your ID, SFE letter, Course acceptance letter, accommodation documents, bank details and school grades, certificates and awards.

3. An extension lead – Probably sounds extremely strange but if you have ever stayed at Travelodge you’ll know what I mean when I say plug sockets are not always the most conveniently located in rooms. Packing one of these bad boys will save your life as you can set up your entertainment systems and electrical items without having to wonder who put all of the plug sockets at the other end of the room. Trust me, they saved my life and could be useful for you.

4. Door Stop - This goes with the aim of being sociable and making friends. This little door top will make sure people feel they can approach you and make it easier to make friends.

5. Paracetamol/Ibuprofen – For help curing fresher’s flu!!!

6. Handheld Hoover – hate to have to be the person to break it to you but student rooms are not spacious at all. However you still want it to stay clean and tidy to avoid attracting vermin in. A handheld hoover is usually pretty cheap and will keep everything nice and tidy.

7. Batteries – You’ll be so surprised how many things take batteries and how many things you expect to have batteries that really don’t. They will come in handy.

8. Ear Plugs – Trust me when I say that especially on student nights when you need to sleep these will be a life saver. At 3am, not everyone is as courteous as you may hope.

9. Flip flops/shower shoes – if you have a shared shower/bath then pack these and thank me later. Just trust me on this one.

10. Change – Mostly everything you will need change for and is usually the one thing that everyone doesn’t carry. From bus fare, washing machine use, tumble dryer use, lunch card, etc. etc. you will need it!

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The Top 10 essentials to pack for Uni
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