Hi, I’m Lola Rutter and I am currently studying a Business Management with Marketing Degree at Pearson College London and my final year is fast approaching. I was lucky enough to be offered an internship this summer at Pearson College London in the Communications and Content team. This team was a perfect allocation for me, as my main interest is digital content marketing so I wanted to gain as much experience as I could in this field.

I feel like a lot of students have the ‘making tea’ perception of internships. However, this was definitely was not the case at Pearson College London. I was given so much responsibility, and my ideas and skills were welcomed with open arms. Here are just some of the projects and activity I was involved in whilst working with the team...

Blog Writing

When I first started my internship, I had never written a blog before in my life. Yet, through great coaching from the team, I was able to write a number of different blogs targeted towards students like me and prospective students, to give advice and guidance on their future choices in higher education. I’ve really enjoyed writing blogs, as I’ve felt like writing from my own experience is a really good way to reflect on my past two years at the College and it helps prospective students to get an insight into life at the College too. I also learnt how to use the blogging software ‘Ghost’ which I can now put on my CV for future job applications when I finish my degree.

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To check out one of my blogs, visit Pearson College London.

Social Media

As mentioned previously, I wanted to gain as much experience as I could in the digital marketing field. And this definitely happened. Throughout my internship I put together a social media influencer strategy, where I researched current and former students of Pearson Business School and Escape Studios whom have a large following on social media, to promote the educational institution on their profiles. I also researched potential other influencers, such as bloggers, to also promote the institute. This was really fun, because I was able to use all my own ideas and thoughts in this project and was a great experience! To follow, I have also been using the software Hootsuite to monitor social media activity and post a few tweets on Twitter :) Being able to browse through social media as part of a job role was perfect for me!

Video Editing

Due to the increase of YouTube and vloggers, it's very important to have experience in video editing when entering the social media world. Initially, I asked my line manager if I could shadow the editing team for a day or two. Instead, I ended up spending a day with the team a week and at the end created and edited my very own video regarding Clearing, that will be uploaded on their social media page later next month. This experience I am very grateful for, and a massive thanks to the team for taking time to organise this and teaching me everything I need to know about editing.

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This is only just a snippet of the great things I was involved in during my internship; I also researched and wrote a press release, was able to visit the external PR agency, film my own video and be involved in a B2B project, which meant I helped organise a Centre for Industry Engagement (CIE) event.

The External Relations Marketing team at Pearson College London were very accommodating, as due to the fact that I have another part-time role, I was only able to do three days a week for my internship. I was originally offered a month-long contract, however due to my part- time role and only being able to do three days a week, I was able to stay for six weeks instead, so I would still gain the same amount of experience.

Why students should consider an internship

Having a summer job like working in a bar, restaurant or shop is great as it teaches you skills in customer service, time management and people skills. However, an internship offers students so much more than this: it helps for them understand what it is they really want to do and what full-time working life will be like when they finish their degree. It also helps students to get the experience they need for their CV. For example, when browsing for jobs in the past for marketing roles, they all require experience as well as a degree. However, it's hard to find this initial experience and I feel an internship is the best place to find it. I now have experience in blog writing, a variety of softwares, video editing and so much more, all because of my internship. I strongly believe this now makes me more employable and will help with my future aspirations in digital marketing.
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Lastly, it is also likely to have a positive impact on my studies for my final year, as I can apply elements that I learn in the classroom to real life working scenarios and challenges faced from my internship. From this, I am also considering using the social media influencer strategy in my final project for my degree, as this is an area that has really interested me and research has already been done.

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone in The External Relations team at Pearson College London, I had the best six weeks working with you.

For more information regarding guaranteed internships (subject to academic performance), visit the Pearson College London website.