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How to Prepare for a Professional Workshop

Bradley Jones

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At Pearson Business School they use a Professional Workshop to see what sort of person you are. They understand that there is more to people than just some letters and numbers on a piece of paper and they want to get to know you as a person and not base their decision on some paper.


The workshop sounds scary but it really isn’t. The day involves a couple of group tasks where you solve a real life issue, a written test, a couple of assessments on an iPad and an interview where you will be having a chat with one of the friendly lecturers to see why you want to study here over anywhere else.

The best advice I can give to anyone would be just to be yourself and not to panic at the interview. The interview is one of the parts that most candidates (myself included here) were/are so scared about. However it’s probably one of the nicest parts as it is more of an informal chat just to get to know you as a person compared to grilling you like a real harsh job interview with a grizzly bear of an employer.


There are usually practice examples sent to you by email of the iPad assessments which you can practice at home. Practicing them will help you get comfortable with the style of question you will experience on the real thing. If you don’t know the answers just move on and give it your best shot. It’s less about “oh you didn’t get 100% that’s no good” and more about being able to provide you support and resources in the areas you are not as strong at and recognising where you are strong.


Overall, I would say just relax, enjoy it and don’t be afraid to ask questions when you want to as we are here to answer your questions as well as ask you questions.
Bradley Jones

How to Prepare for a Professional Workshop
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