Benjamin Peermamode-Murphy is a Student Experience Coordinator at Pearson College London and he's our guest blogger this week. Thank you Ben.

What does a Student Experience Coordinator do?

"By name and by nature, we have our hands in almost anything that would impact a student’s experience here at Pearson College London - from exciting industry events to extravagant Winter Balls, we coordinate it all.

While sometimes I'm juggling a range of priorities, this role gives me a fantastic opportunity to work with our students on an array of different projects and it gives them a taste of what a FTSE 100 company like Pearson can offer.

The experiences we create for our students

Just in the past week I have had the pleasure of visiting The Den - home to Millwall Football Club - with a group of our International Business students to receive an insightful presentation from Finance and Operations Director Steve Exley on how a club is run from a business perspective.

We also stopped by Fruit Towers, the HQ of Innocent Drinks for a lesson on how they’ve managed to operate sustainably since 1999. From humble beginnings to receiving millions in investment from Coca-Cola and becoming the biggest Smoothie maker in Europe, learning about their fascinating history proved to be a hit, highlighting our commitment to immersing our students in the real world of business.

Making the experience student-centred

One of the main projects I’m currently leading inside the college is the redesign and launch of the Student Zone. This online portal is bespoke to Pearson College and it's where students can find a variety of information ranging from what societies and clubs they can join, to help with mental and physical health. The Student Zone ties in with another project the team has been working on - a welcome booklet to help students make the most of their first weeks at the College. Both of these initiatives have been created with insight from students to ensure that they give the students exactly what they need while they study with us.

What it means to be a Student Experience Coordinator

Working with people from all walks of life and seeing how my work can positively impact others is crucial to me. Therefore it’s vital to understand the needs and wants of those around me and know the steps I need to take to help them. In pursuit of this insight, the Student Experience Team are prominent members of the SSLC (Staff Student Liaison Committee) meeting regularly with students to discuss concerns and solutions with those impacted most by our work. We welcome all feedback - positive or constructive - and work with our students to find the best solutions.

Matching values

I think that matching the core values of the employee and their employer is the first step to a successful customer experience. Employees who are committed to solving customers problems will go above and beyond the expectations of their customers and loyal employees breed loyal customers! Finding a company that shares your core beliefs and values will go a long way in helping to reach your own personal goals. Most businesses will have their beliefs and values on their website, so take a look and be inspired!

Got the skills to succeed?

To work with people you need to be friendly, approachable and understanding at all times as ultimately your success is determined by the satisfaction of your customers. If our students are happy, we’re happy!"

We'll be talking about student experience and patient experience on the Applied Customer Experience course starting in October. Find more information here: