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Why I chose Pearson Business School over a traditional University

Bradley Jones

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I stumbled across Pearson Business School completely by accident. It was not where I had planned to go however I had realised that the red brick traditional university was not for me anyway. So I decided to book on to a couple of taster courses and open days.

I loved the atmosphere that I got from the place and I loved how friendly everyone seemed. Even when they thought nobody was looking and no guests were around it was nice to see that everyone was getting along. In the end there were three main reasons why I chose to come to PBS.

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The first reason was the sizes of the lectures and seminars. In a traditional university it was looking to have around 200+ people in a lecture and a seminar. This didn’t honestly feel me with joy. I was delighted to find out the maximum lecture size I would find at PBS was just 60. I was actually very fortunate that my class that I have is only 6 people meaning that it feels very one on one and gives you the confidence to actually speak up in lectures and seminars and ask for help without fear when I need it. I know that I personally would rather hide under the table if I had to answer a question in front of 200+ people because of the fear of embarrassing myself in front of everyone.

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The second reason is that I have been able to gain exposure to all sorts of impressive companies that I would love to one day work for. Being exposed to CEO’s and managing directors of companies such as Unilever, Dyson, BDO, Savills etc. has been amazing and has meant that I have been able to make sure I have been so up for and available to network with these companies and have gained myself a lot of valuable connections that means when it comes to looking for internships and work shadowing will mean I’ll have a good chance of being in a well-established company.

The final reason was the quality of the lecturers and their experience has been impressive and current. That means that I can be sure that what I am learning is useful, relevant and up to date because they will use examples of where they have used it recently in the workplace. I want that compared to someone that has been in a lecturer theatre teaching for the last 35 years. I wanted experience and knowledge that was useful, up to date and current and that’s what I can be sure of from Pearson.

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Overall they were the 3 main reasons I chose Pearson Business School compared to a traditional university and I am glad to say that 3 years in I have not changed my mind once.

Why I chose Pearson Business School over a traditional University
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