Escape Studios celebrated 15 years of nurturing talent for the creative industries, with a new initiative for the next generation: launching free Saturday workshops to 13-16 year olds.
The first Escape Studios Saturday Club commenced on 13th January 2018, an 18 week programme of events, offering no-cost, high-quality, tuition in the fields of VFX, Animation, Games and Motion Graphics.

The National Saturday Club had previously benefited young people in many ways, including:

  • Raising attainment – 80% of club members achieve at least one grade higher than expected at GCSE in related subjects.
  • Leading to progression – 30% go on to foundation, diploma or undergraduate study.
  • Creating aspiration – by the end of the year, 70% want to pursue a career in an industry they’ve had a taster of in the Club.
  • Enhancing life skills – as well as nurturing their developing talents, taking part also improves members’ confidence and self-esteem and builds their time management, teamwork and communications skills.

"Many students may have an idea in mind that one day they would like to work in the VFX, Film or Games industry, as indeed I did, but perhaps they’re not quite sure what it’s all about or what it’s like in real life to work there. So, we ca​me​ up with the idea to teach a lot of core skills that we have used for many years in these industries, including Character Modelling in Maya, Sculpting details from observation in Zbrush, and texturing using real life organic textures in Substance Painter. So far it’s going great and the students are really enjoying it. We look forward to showing you the results at the final exhibition". - Escape Studios and Saturday Club tutor Jonathan McFall


As part of the National Saturday Clubs, Escape Studios have just opened recruitment for the next intake of Saturday Club students, who will embark on their great escape from 3rd November 2018. The aim of the Saturday Club is to raise awareness of the opportunities within the creative industries and inspire young talent.

“Escape provided me with the opportunity to do something I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to learn due to resources and motivation. I never would have believed I could make something like this.”

“Saturday Club is awesome. I’d never have been able to use Zbrush without it, so I would never have known how fun it is.”

At the Escape Studios Art & Design Saturday Club, the experienced tutors have put together an exciting, hands-on set of sessions where students will engage with Art Direction, 3D Modelling and Digital Sculpting. It’s the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in the Creative Industries to learn more about VFX, Animation and Games whilst having fun! Attendees will get to use state-of-the-art facilities and be taught by industry experienced tutors every week.

"Encouraging artistic talent to flourish is at the core of what we do, but up until last year we've mainly worked with older students. After a discussion with our industry partners about how important it is to reach out to people from a younger age and get them interested in working in the creative sector, we launched our own Saturday Club as part of the national scheme. Being our first one, I admit I was a little reticent when the tutors told me they were planning to get the students working with our suites of complex software from the beginning, but the students took to it like ducks to water. They produced amazing results in the relatively short time they had and to see such passion for their art was a real treat. This year we're looking to make our Saturday Club even bigger and better, giving the students more chance to explore their ideas. I'm very excited to see how this will develop, and can't wait to see what fantastic work they'll produce." - Director of Escape Studios, Dr. Ian Palmer

Find out more about Escape Studios and our courses, or sign up to our Saturday Club today!