So results day is right around the corner, and all you’re doing is trying to distract yourself from that butterfly feeling anytime somebody mentions ‘university’, ‘results day’ and especially ‘clearing’. I’m here to talk about my experience of clearing and hopefully prove to you that it’s not something to worry about, so that you can await results day panic free!

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Some common misconceptions around clearing include...

“Clearing is only for those who failed their A-levels” which is just a myth. Many people go through clearing for a variety of reasons, such as: they do better than expected, they want to change their course or uni or that someone decides they want to go to university after the application deadline.
“You can’t apply through clearing to a University that previously rejected you” this is also false. If you achieved better than you expected or the grades required for entry but the university had previously rejected you, you can still go through clearing and apply for a course that has available spaces.
“Clearing is just to fill the spaces on courses that nobody wants” again entirely false! Many universities will leave spaces open for students on clearing as they want the best students for the course. There are lots of reasons for courses not being full, from other students not taking the places, to class sizes simply being much larger than the university had anticipated.

Don’t worry about what other people think about the clearing process, around 60,000 students go through the clearing process each year, so it’s not as uncommon as people might think! My experience through clearing was not at all what I had expected, and the nerves and worries I had soon went away after speaking to teachers and staff at the university.

My experience

I had originally applied through UCAS to study a Psychology degree and had decided towards the end of my studies that it was no longer the career path I wanted to take. I frantically started searching for jobs and other career paths I could take, which lead me to find the degree apprenticeship schemes at Pearson College London. It was the option to work with an industry partner of Pearson College London, in my case this was the BBC, and study at the college, with my tuition fees paid in full! This really appealed to me as it meant I’d have the chance to earn a full-time salary as well as obtaining a degree. After attended an interview I was unsuccessful but Pearson College London contacted me and said that they’d like to take me on as a full time student.

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They offered me a place on the course and the timing means I applied via UCAS clearing. On results day, despite the fact that I had achieved the grades I wanted to go to my insurance uni choice, I felt that this opportunity was one that I couldn’t say no to. The clearing process was simple, and the admissions team from Pearson College London were on the phone the whole time making sure that I understood the steps I needed to take to confirm my place on the course.

Thanks to my parents, teachers and the recruitment team at the university who helped make my clearing experience (relatively) stress free and help me to secure my place at Pearson College London. Luckily clearing was an option for me, otherwise I wouldn’t have ended up studying at Pearson College London and had the chance to get involved with some amazing projects! So even though you might still be nervous about results day (which is perfectly normal!) don’t think that just because you didn’t secure your place you won’t be able to go to university!