We hear from Lidia Kalinowska, Student Experience Manager at Pearson College London as she describes her work and the valuable characteristics of people in CX!
Thank you Lidia!

"My role as Student Experience Manager is to improve students' overall experience of Pearson College London. This includes things like students' initial induction, the way we communicate with them, and how we collate and act on their feedback.

Helping students settle in
One of the projects I am currently working on is our first ever welcome guide for students who will be starting with us in September. We benchmark ourselves against other institutions and the welcome pack is something I came across while I was researching positive student experiences elsewhere. I thought it would be great if we could implement something similar within our college. I believe having a welcome guide will put new students at ease, help them settle in and help them get the most out of all the experiences and services we offer here - from the get go. There's alot for first years to navigate. The guide has been designed to be light but informative; it contains everything from an outline of support available at Pearson Business School through to how we balance work with fun and celebrate students' successes.

An interesting and varied role
There were a few aspects of this role that attracted me to apply. I am passionate about improvement, enjoy solving problems creatively, and delivering new solutions and I felt that this role ticked all of these boxes for me. Also, my responsibilities are quite varied and no two days are the same, which makes it exciting! One day I could be working on a new communications plan for students, attending student and staff liaison meetings and another I would be managing our summer school programme with students from South America and South Africa.

I believe someone who manages student or customer experience would need to be very organised, open minded, and have an ability to juggle multiple projects at once. This is because the volume of students is quite high and naturally we would like to manage everyone's expectations to make sure they're happy and getting the best out of their educational experience with us.

The Customer Experience Manager DNA
If you would like to be successful in an experience type role you would really need to put the customer in the heart of everything you do. Collate feedback, communicate effectively, be open to suggestions and improvements that your customers would benefit from. I believe that building rapport and having informal conversations with customers/students will also guide you in the right direction as you will know what they truly enjoy about the service they are receiving, and where improvements or changes need to be made.

This guest blog has been submitted by Lidia Kalinowska, Student Experience Manager for Pearson College London. https://www.linkedin.com/in/lidia-kalinowska-70691362/
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