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Here at Pearson Business School creating opportunities for students is something we pride ourselves on - and this starts before students actually start studying with us. Below you’ll find a range of the industry-aligned scholarships that we offer, along with the winners for the 2018 academic year.

Each of these winners were shortlisted by our academic team based on their Professional Workshop and had to submit a 500 word blog related to their shortlisted category. The blogs were read by ed-tech start-up company ‘The Access Platform’ (the company within our Business Incubator scheme) and the winners were selected based on their use of innovation, entrepreneurship, industry engagement and bringing accounting and finance to life for young people.

Scholarship for Innovation:
This scholarship was launched to showcase how supportive we are about all our students and their futures. Technology is a key enabler, creating opportunities for more affordable, accessible, flexible and effective learning. Our students are the focus and fuel for everything we do. They inspire the innovation and creativity that is at the heart of what we teach today and how we will teach tomorrow.

2018 winner: Zoe Moss
"I can honestly say I didn't expect to win that scholarship. As I've gotten older I have come to accept that I don't get chosen for things like this, I enter and apply but things never seemed to go my way; I try anyway. I have never given up hope on what I saw to be a slim possibility because, no matter how small, there is still a chance. I was thrilled when I learned of my scholarship because, to me, that was the world telling me not to ever give up on what I want. I thank Pearson College for this amazing opportunity and I'm really looking forward to studying with them."
Zoe will be starting our LLB course this September.

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Scholarship for Entrepreneurship:
Entrepreneurship is at the heart of everything we do, from supporting students in setting up their own businesses to housing a business incubator within the College, this is why we’re looking for students with an entrepreneurial spirit. As part of this scholarship Pave are awarding a fully paid, one month Pave internship worth £1,785 to recognise the successful student’s achievement.

2018 winner: Magdalena Allen
“I was delighted and honoured to find myself awarded for this business scholarship! This opportunity will undoubtedly motivate me further to continue my studies with business management. Your assistance at Pearson will enable me to communicate will fellow students, learn from outstanding professionals and most importantly pursue with my academic ambitions. Can’t wait until September!”
Magdalena will be starting our BA (Hons) Business Management with Entrepreneurship course this September

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Scholarship for Industry Engagement:
Our commitment to academia and industry is most prevalent in our course delivery. Our students don’t just learn about their area of study, they gain experience from and get access to, the best of the best in their chosen business world in the classroom and in our partner companies – it’s the only way to learn. This is why the Scholarship for Industry Engagement is so important to us.

2018 winner: Poppy Ramsay
"After being accepted onto a place on the Business Management Degree at Pearson Business School, I was delighted to hear that there was a Scholarship opportunity for Industry Engagement. After writing a 500 word blog I was awarded the Scholarship, from which I gained a huge amount of confidence. Pearson College London is known for Industry Engagement and offers a unique experience of guaranteed internships, so winning this scholarship was especially rewarding. I can't wait to be a part of the Pearson Business School alumni"

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CIMA Accounting Scholarship:
This scholarship is awarded to a talented student to help them realise their ambition of becoming a professional accountant. The recipient will also receive a certificate from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) to recognise their achievement. This scholarship will cover the cost of tuition fees for the full duration of your course.

2018 winner: Evamarie Bello
“At first, I was hesitant about applying for the scholarship thinking I wasn’t going to win. But with the constant push from those around me and the voice in my head, I gave in and gave it a shot. Applying for the scholarship is something I will always be thankful for and gave me this much needed mindset to never ignore these kinds of chances. I’ve felt like the student loan burden has been lifted off of me and I haven’t even started university yet!”

You can take a look at the Scholarships available for 2019 entry here. To apply, all you need to do is submit a UCAS application before the 15th January deadline and attend a Professional Workshop by 29th March 2019.

Good luck!