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Moving out of your parents house to go to university is an exciting time. You’ll have independence, no set bedtime and you won’t be nagged to tidy your room...but what should you take with you?

There are a lot of lists available online which will try to help you decide what to bring such as ‘Ultimate packing lists’ for university. These can be rather daunting and you may question whether you actually need that random utensil- will you ever actually use it? (probably not!)

So I’m here, a second-year student at Pearson College Business School to help you break down those lists to give you a 10 essentials to pack for University.

Top Tips:

➔ Don’t leave packing until last minute!

➔ Think about what you can buy when you’re there.

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Top 10 Essentials

1. Important Documents

If you are moving into student halls or rented student accommodation, you will need all your official university papers (especially your acceptance letter). This will ensure you have a roof over your head, and will exempt you from paying council tax.
Other important documents:
● Driving license/ ID - essential for fresher’s week when you may be hitting the town.
● Passport - for any travel opportunities which may arise
● All student finance documents
● Accommodation documents
● Bank details
● National insurance card/ letter and number (important if you decide to get part-time work).

2. Door stop

As you probably won’t know your flat mates/ housemates, it’s a great idea to be open and welcoming! If you prop your door open as you move in and when you’re around in the first couple of weeks, your flat mates can stick their heads round as they walk past and say hello. Another idea is to offer some treats such as biscuits or chocolate, to give them a reason to stay and chat. Getting to know your flat mates is important; these are the people you are going to be living with for the next year and are likely to become some of your closest friends.

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3. Electricals and Entertainment

You’re moving away from home and will want to take all your home comforts with you when you go. For all your university, work and entertainment needs, it is great to take your laptop with you, along with headphones so you can study hard and enjoy Netflix. Student halls do not usually have many plugs in their rooms, so it is well worth investing in an extension lead or two to allow you to plug in all your electrical items.
Useful electricals:
● Laptop & charger
● Headphones
● Extension leads
● Cables
● Phone & charger
● Hair dryer & styling tools
● Bedside/ study lamp (if not provided).

4. Bedroom Decor

The first term of university can be tough if you’re not used to being away from home, so try and make you bedroom as comfortable and homely as possible. Also ensure you have the right bedding for the bed provided (and bring a mattress protector - can’t guarantee how many people may have slept on your mattress before you, and it makes it that little bit more comfortable).
Decor items to consider bringing:
● Cushions
● Blanket for colder winter nights
● Fairy lights
● Pictures of friends and family
● Alarm clock (to make sure you don’t miss your lectures!)
● Ear plugs - for any noise from other students at night.

5. Clothing

The great thing about studying in university is that you can wear whatever you want - no more school uniform! However, Pearson Business school has many opportunities for students to get involved and attend industry days, so make sure you have some smart staples to hand.
Clothing items to consider packing:
● Everyday clothes
● Sports gear - with an associates pass to the University of London, there are many activities outside of the college you can get involved with.
● Interview/ business clothes
● Formal - for any formal occasion or party you may be able to attend
● Nightwear
● Raincoat (come on, it’s England!)
● Slippers (for roaming the corridors)
● Flipflops (vital for communal bathrooms!)
● Dressing gown/ onsie (to throw on in case of a random fire alarm test, or another student burning toast)

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6. Academic items

You’re at Pearson College London to study -so make sure you’re all stocked up with notepads, pens, post-its and whatever else you need to maximise your study time.
You may consider purchasing some textbooks, but Pearson College London has an online library and textbooks available around the campus.

7. Bathroom items

Whether you have an ensuite or have a communal bathroom, you may want to make a caddy full of your bathroom essentials such as shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, along with all your other personal hygiene must-haves. Most of these you will probably be able to purchase after you have moved in.

8. First Aid Kit

Moving out of home means looking after yourself when you’re ill or injured too, make sure you have a first aid kit on hand for those unexpected moments.
Items to include:
● Plasters
● Painkillers
● Antiseptic cream
● Birth control
● Cold & flu remedies (in case of the dreaded fresher’s flu)

9. Miscellaneous

There are a few other things which might be useful to bring with you:
● Torch
● Books (for leisurely reading)
● Playing cards
● Batteries
● Games/ video games
● Musical instrument (if you play)

10. Yourself. Recharged and refreshed.

After A-levels, you have the pleasure of a nice long summer of freedom. Make the most of it by travelling and resting before studying starts up again, so you can make the most of your first year.

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Good luck and see you soon!