Business Superhero

This blog is the first in a series of short articles about the customer experience manager.

There are more Customer Experience Managers than ever
The last time I searched for customer experience managers in London I found 199,002 contacts. The numbers are growing! I think this is a really good sign – a sign that businesses are (a) increasingly recognising the value of a customer-focus, (b) realising that dedicated support can help create the momentum of change required to place the customer at the heart of the business (c) seeing the benefit of these superheroes as they work across the business to create better experiences for all of us.

Customer Experience Managers really are superheroes
The customer experience managers are extraordinary people. I have been privileged to meet hundreds over the years. They have a number of core attributes that set them apart from any other discipline in the organisation. Here is a list of some of those super powers:

Tremendous stakeholder management skills – these people create positive relationships with a huge array of people across the business because every aspect of the business is connected to the customer and will influence their experience. People who are good at stakeholder management often have high emotional intelligence which means they are aware of and have the ability to express emotions effectively and handle interpersonal relationships empathetically. They have self-awareness and understand others.

Phenomenal influencing skills – to be effective in a customer experience role you have to be able to influence and negotiate at every level in an organisation. These roles will be encouraging people to critically evaluate what they do for customers now (in the AS IS state) and they will be asking people across the business to change what they do, in light of customer insight, so that the customer’s experience is improved (into the TO BE state).

Wonderfully resilient characters - People say that they like change but few want it! Often businesses say that they are or they aspire to become truly customer-focused but few appreciate the lengths they need to go to achieve a raving customer base, the type of advocates willing to post positive reviews and recommendations. Customer Experience Managers often have to deal with resistance and challenge.

Over to you
If you are a customer experience manager we’d love to hear from you. Maybe you have a different super powers to the ones listed above? Or you’d like to tell us why you think there are more customer experience managers than ever before. Or, you'd like to share something else? You can reach us at: