Clearing… a process that conjures up feelings of uncertainty and reluctance. It is important to remember that going into clearing is not the end of the world…In fact, if you follow our steps below, you will glide through clearing with ease.


"Entering Clearing was a very stressful time so, it was extremely beneficial to have help and support. I was able to turn to my head of sixth form who offered her advice during this time, as well as being able to speak to the registry team at Pearson College London which made the process less stressful and seamless." Firyal Lodhi, Law student, Pearson College London

Why might you be in clearing?

Something you have to understand is that entering into clearing does not make you a failure. There are a few reasons why you might be in clearing:

  • You didn’t get the entry grades required for your chosen course.
  • You decide later on in the year that you want to go to university.
  • You decide that you want to change your course.

One of our Pearson Business School students that went through clearing, David Porter, shares his clearing experience:

"After being accepted at the University of Edinburgh, I spent one-year studying Veterinary Medicine. However, it was at this point that I came to the difficult decision that it wasn’t the right career choice for me. Therefore, I decided to pursue my passion for business and began my search for degree-courses available through clearing."

Last year (2017), according to The Telegraph, a record breaking 11,180 students had accepted a university place through clearing by midnight on A-Level Results Day, indicating that it is not as uncommon as some people think.

Advice for clearing

If you have a feeling that you might be in clearing, here’s what to do before results day:

  • Research universities you're interested in and the courses that they offer.
  • Note down the course names and telephone numbers.
  • Make sure you’ve got your UCAS ID number.
    If you find yourself in clearing, here’s what to do on the day:
  1. Go to the [UCAS website]( and go to ‘Find Clearing Vacancies’ – you can then search for universities that offer your course.
  2. Total up your UCAS points using their online tariffs and have your qualifications and grades ready for any questions.
  3. Call up universities, tell them your UCAS ID Number, how many UCAS points you have and the course you’re interested in. Make sure you prepare some questions in relation to accommodation, modules and things to do in the town where the university is located, as it’s your chance to quiz them, to find out if it’s the right institution for you. (Make sure you have a pen and paper for this to note down any details and ensure that you express your interest to attend that university.)
  4. Once you have been accepted, add the course back into your UCAS Track.
  5. Attend a clearing open day at your chosen the university you chose: this is an excellent opportunity to meet people in the same position as you and explore the university and its facilities first-hand.
  6. Congratulations, you survived clearing!


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"My first year at Pearson College London has been more than what I had expected. From the style and location of the campus to all the way to the academic support of all tutors and staff." Firyal Lodhi, Law student, Pearson College London

One of the most important things to remember is that clearing does not make you an outsider and thousands of students enter university this way, every year.

To find out more about our clearing process, please go to our Clearing Hub to read some more stories about some previous clearing entries, discover the entry requirements or call the hotline.


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