This blog should hopefully answer some of your questions about Uni life at Pearson College London, as well as some exciting opportunities and knowledge of the local area, so you can get a taster of what it’s like to be a student, and ultimately why I made the choice to study here.

Choosing a University to study at for the next 3 years is a pretty daunting decision, so you have to make sure the choice is right for you. There’s a lot to consider when making your choice and you have to ask yourself if it feels right for you; do you like the facilities? Do you feel comfortable in the environment? Do you think this is the place that could help kick-start your career? Don’t forget that you have to enjoy yourself, so making sure there are great places to eat, drink and relax with your friends also needs to be on your checklist.

I knew studying at Pearson College London was going to be a challenge (considering I had never studied business) but it has been worth it so far with the fantastic industry opportunities that have been presented to me, the support from lecturers as well as the friends I’ve made that have helped me succeed as a student here.

After attending an Open Day at the college I got to listen to other students talk about the opportunities that Pearson College London offered such as, Industry Day workshops with companies including: L’Oreal, IBM, Unilever, Transport for London (TFL) and many more. All of which provide you with great experiences and look fantastic on a CV, showing employers that you go above and beyond your studies to get involved with interesting projects with some of the leading companies in the UK. Knowing that the College had so many great industry partners and that students had an abundance of choice of talks and events to attend, was an important factor for me considering the college. If you want to make your CV stand out from the rest, taking part in these events is a fantastic way to do so!

Photo by Paolo Nicolello / Unsplash

When attending Open Days at various Uni’s, it can be quite daunting being greeted by thousands of students on a huge campus, of which parts of you might not even get the chance to visit, based on your course choice. The atmosphere here is completely different, (but don’t worry about it not being lively! There are still plenty of things to do in and around the college itself) you immediately feel welcomed by all staff and students, and feel like you can talk to them about any problems you may have. With a significantly smaller number of student intake than other Uni’s, which is what gives Pearson College London its tight-knit community amongst its staff and students. Classes are also smaller, so you can get a more one-to-one experience with your lecturer (who is an industry expert in the module they teach). This allows you to have a more personal learning experience where you can ask tutors questions about the modules and your assessments, who are more than happy to answer your questions.

Another important factor was the nightlife and things to do in the local area. With Covent Garden and Leicester Square only a short walk away from the campus, there are lots of restaurants, pubs and clubs that are great places to hang out with friends and catch-up at the end of a long week. Going clubbing in London may seem expensive, but if you keep an eye out you can find many cheap clubs with drinks starting from £2 on student nights, and even free entry at Popcorn (Charing Cross) with an NUS card! You are always guaranteed a good night out, with places to go and the tip of your finger.

If you’re looking to study in a place with a lively atmosphere, a great community of students and staff, lots of places to eat and drink and on top of this all in the central hub of London, then look no further because Pearson College London is the place for you!