About the Event

The Stationers' Company and Ravensbourne came together yesterday to launch an exciting new apprenticeship initiative, "Apprentice 18". The Deputy Mayor of London for Business, Rajesh Agrawal, was present as 30 Companies and over 100 students came together to raise awareness of apprenticeship opportunities and to create long-term links between academies across Greater London and employers.
Participating companies included:

  • BBC
  • ITV
  • Pearson
  • Google
  • Park Communications
  • Paragon Whitehat
  • Barclays

This is part of a long-term ambition to increase opportunities for students in Greater London and will be repeated in future years and other parts of the country. The main objective of the event is to reinforce the strengths of apprenticeships and the chances they offer young people.

The Event Itself

The event itself was structured in a 'speed-dating' style whereby students rotated in small groups through the different stands, absorbing information from the variety of companies present. We did 10 minute presentations to around 10 students at one time about what we do at Pearson Business School and spoke about our own student experiences too.

"The Apprentice18 event was a really enjoyable experience. It was great to meet lots of young aspiring degree apprentices, and to have the opportunity to not only inform them of the different schemes that Pearson College London run, but also to answer any questions they had about my experiences as a degree apprentice." - Holly Garrett, Rotational Degree Apprentice

Our aim was to inform more students about Degree Apprenticeships, mainly:

  • what degree apprenticeships are
  • how we run them at Pearson Business School
  • the qualifications you receive
  • the sort of work experience you gain
  • the fact that the company pays the university fees

We also had the opportunity to educate teachers and careers advisors about what we do at Pearson Business School, allowing them to take brochures and prospectuses with more information about what we offer.

We also encouraged all interested students to sign up to the Pearson Business School Degree Apprenticeship Waiting List.

Overall, we gained a positive response, from both students and teachers, about what we offer at Pearson Business School and we plan to attend similar events in the future that allow us to promote our Degree Apprenticeship schemes.

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