A woman holding a sign that says "give. thanks." on it in Werdorf
Photo by Simon Maage / Unsplash

News just out........ 86% of multichannel shoppers (people who shop in stores and online) and 87% of digital shoppers who feel appreciated intend to spend more with the brand. This is according to Forrester's 2018 CX Index data.

It appears that customers stay loyal not only when they are happy, but also when they feel recognised by a brand. When the brand shows their gratitude to that customer they can expect the emotional connection between them to strengthen.

Giving thanks changes the customer experience
This point got me thinking. When did someone last thank me for choosing their service or product? It took a while for any recall! Then I realised this happened last week on a flight to Rotterdam. The cabin crew on the BA flight recited their script on the approach to land and thanked all of us for “flying with British Airways today”. They then went on to say “On behalf of the captain and the cabin crew, we wish you a safe onward journey”. Did that make me feel all warm and connected. No. Why was that? It was a script, a bit like the “cabin crew, doors to manual and cross check – I knew it was coming and I knew what would be said. It had little sincerity, it was a script I have heard hundreds of times before.

What did I learn? If you’re going to thank me for bringing you my business, please make a connection when you do it. It’s not enough for me to see the words ‘thank you’ with a smiley face written on the folded side of a receipt when the bill is brought to me. It’s nice to see a sign saying ‘thank you for driving safely through our village’ but there is little emotional connection.

Here’s a great example of sincerity in customer experience
When you have a great experience it highlights what’s lacking elsewhere. The reason why British Airways didn’t cut it for me is because I stopped in my tracks when a shop keeper in Bristol made eye contact with me as he handed me the earrings I had just bought from his shop. He said with absolute authenticity “thank you for popping by today. I think those earrings are going to look great when you wear them later!”

He’d listened to what I was saying when I was trying the earrings on and I knew he was pleased to have my business. I’ll be going back there plus I have been telling everyone about the guy with the independent jewellery shop in the centre of Bristol. I felt valued and I felt appreciated. Bingo.

Try it for yourself
So, here’s a challenge if you’re up for one – try saying thank you to your customers in a number of different ways and see what happens. It seems a shame to let the insight from Forrester go to waste. You could stop people in their tracks and you’ll stand out from the crowd because you made that connection through a simple gesture of gratitude.

Your customers will thank you for it!