After leaving college at 17, I knew that, as a strong believer in education, I wanted to further my studies, but a general degree at university was not for me. Working in various part-time roles from the age of 15 indicated to me that a combination between work and study would be something better suited to my requirements and desires.

I found Pearson College London’s degree apprenticeships on “” and was fascinated by what they were able to offer to successful applicants. I originally applied for the Rotational Degree Apprenticeship in which my home company was Kantar Added Value and based in Paris, and then for another role in the Commercial team at L’Oréal in the Professional products section; unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in the company interviews for both of these roles.

However, I knew that this was the route most suited to me so I persevered and applied for a third time to the degree apprenticeship scheme working for Pearson College London themselves. But it still wasn’t easy. I learned from the feedback that I received and I applied this to ensure I was successful in the interviews.

I have now started my new role as Communications and Content Assistant within the External Relations team at Pearson College London. I will then begin my degree in September. My team is a mixture of degree apprentices and other employees, all working on different projects and campaigns, but ultimately to achieve common aims and objectives.
Some of the main advantages of a degree apprenticeship to me are:

  • My university fees are paid by Pearson
  • I gain a Business Management Degree
  • I also receive a Chartered Manager Status
  • I am paid a salary
  • I will possess 2-3 years invaluable work experience by the end.

During my fist week working at Pearson College London, I have learned a multitude of information, through both meetings with members of my immediate and wider team, and also through online documents and resources. Continuous learning in our society today is vital to success due to technology advancements and changing trends. Therefore, learning within my role is something I will always aspire to do.

The sense of community within Pearson College London is very supportive and makes it easy to ask questions and challenge ideas. This is established with a common passion for Higher Education and its firm importance in our society today. Further, the creative atmosphere within the team is constantly productive, with the comfortability to share ideas openly, without criticism.

I would recommend applying for a degree apprenticeship if you are:

  • willing to work hard
  • able to manage time
  • able to meet deadlines
  • good at working in a team and communicating with others
  • wanting a more professional lifestyle (annual leave rather than university holidays)

My main piece of advice to any applicant for any of the degree apprenticeship programmes would be to never give up if you are sure that this is the path you want to follow. Pearson College London provides application windows year-round so if something comes up that you are unsuccessful at, try for the next opportunity. Perseverance shows a great deal of desire and determination which are very attractive to employers. And, the best company for you will find you.
In hindsight, Pearson was definitely the company most suited to me. If for any reason this didn’t work out, the degree programmes at Pearson Business School are phenomenal, offering internships and rich industry experience, as well as wide variation with regards to modules.