Everything we do at Escape Studios is connected to industry and this means that our undergraduate students get to work on real industry briefs as part of their course. Earlier this year filmmaker, Simret Cheema-Innis who had previously worked with our Head of 3D Mark Spevick got in touch to tell him about a new project she was working on. Mark then introduced her to our Head of Compositing, Davi Stein and Cenay Oekmen (Concept Artist tutor) and who is also the VFX Supervisor and Post-Production Art Director for Simret’s horror film: ‘From Me to You’.

"It was lovely to see the Students working as a Team together, taking feedback from the Director & Art Director and keeping the deadline in mind. As a Team, you need to be organised and work efficiently, find solutions and help one another," - Cenay Oekmen, Concept Artist Tutor, Escape Studios


The first thing that Cenay, Davi and Simret did was shoot some live action footage that the students could work with, Simret then visited 190 High Holborn to present the footage to the students. After presenting her ideas to the students, Davi then helped coordinated a team of 2D and 3D student artists that could work on the film and they were split into three teams; Modelling, Layout and Matchmoving.

Soon the project was well under way and the students were creating the visual effects for the film. Davi and the students would report back to Simret on a weekly basis using the industry software, Slack to make sure everything was on track and that everything matched the brief she had set. In total there were sixty student VFX artists working on the film and these 2nd year students already have industry experience, something else they can add to their showreels and another year to go.

The Escape Studios undergraduate students have had the opportunity to work on a film that will be released in cinemas, learn new VFX techniques and skills and develop existing ones. The students at Escape have also learnt what it’s like working on a real life project and with Davi and Cenay, who have both worked on blockbuster movies including The Jungle Book and Harry Potter. The skills that the students learnt from this experience are invaluable and will put them ahead of the competition when they graduate.

Find out more about the project over on Simret's blog, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram