Tom Harle will be hosting a UV Tricks webinar this Thursday 21st June, a deep dive into the use of UVs in Games VFX

Don’t miss our next webinar, dedicated to the use of UVs and how you can play with them in Unreal Engine. Register to watch Tom Harle, our Games VFX tutor, animate this webinar aimed at 3D artists who have a basic understanding of the Unreal Engine and want to learn a few tricks about UVs.

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What you’ll learn
For this demonstration, Tom will take you through a deep dive into the technical background of understanding what UVs are and how they can be used in Unreal Engine to create interesting effects, using some basic maths functions and textures. You’ll be able to download the project file to work from during the webinar from Tom’s website, where you’ll also find a transcript of the lesson to check back on after the live session.

About the host
Tom Harle is a Games VFX tutor here at Escape Studios. We’re proud to count him as one of our alumni (Escapees) as he followed the course back in 2010. After a successful few years in the industry working for Rebellion, Ubisoft Bluebyte and Splash Damage as a VFX Artist, he’s now teaching and also focusing on some Unreal Marketplace and Freelance work.