Living in London as a student can be tough on your bank account but it can also be a very rewarding city to be in, which is why it is important not just to rely on your student loan.

Having experienced one year of commuting, and one year of living in student accommodation whilst studying, a part-time job has enabled me to fully enjoy my student life so that I can pay the bills and also have enough money to socialise and treat myself. In a bustling city like London, there are plenty of job opportunities out there, you just have to know where to find them.

Looking for part-time employment?

Here are a few tips I have found helpful

  • Use Apps like Indeed & Job-Today - They may seem tedious but they do work! I found a brilliant office job in Sales & Marketing at The Rainforest Café (which was perfect studying alongside my Business and Marketing degree) and the variety/volume of jobs posted is huge. You can filter the searches to exactly what you’re looking for and often only need a few details/uploading a CV to secure an interview.

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  • Make sure your CV is polished - Something as simple as your CV makes a big impression. Ensure that it’s up-to-date, best describes you and is all condensed to one page; aesthetics of the page are important as well so make sure it looks good – but keep it professional!

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  • No Experience, no worries - We’re still young and employers understand that this may be a first job for some of us, so try to draw on experiences from an educational environment such as a group project or being part of team-sports. You’d be surprised how many transferable skills you can convey from this: time-management, communication skills, leadership... the list goes on – just make sure you think of examples of each.

  • Ask Around: What are other students doing? A lot of people I know work for hospitality or retail agencies which provide great pay and great flexibility. You usually input when you are free to work so can dictate your workload – this a great factor when considering your studies as well. I’m currently working for a hospitality company and have made some great friends and had the opportunity to work some pretty cool events. I’ve even met a celebrity or two!

The last one is staring you right in the face

  • Become a Student Ambassador - This job may have been most beneficial out of the jobs I’ve had; it’s completely flexible, you work with peers and it’s actually enjoyable work! You are just relaying your university experience to prospective students and helping with admin/completing tasks and getting paid for it. I would highly recommend the student ambassador role (although I may be a little biased) but you actually have fun, get to know different departments in Pearson and gain some really valuable experience.

More than extra income

Part-time work is primarily for the money but there are other benefits to consider. Juggling two part-time jobs alongside Uni sounds quite daunting, but it has allowed me to fully understand my studies because I can observe real-life applications of what I’ve learnt in lectures so is very helpful in that sense. Also, as I mentioned I’ve made some great friendships in each workplace and it has improved my social life (as well as my bank account) so there are added bonuses to just earning.