I’ve written this blog to tell you a little bit about why I chose to study Law here, my favourite parts of the course so far and some tips for you if you’re considering applying.

Why I chose Pearson College London

The main and most obvious reason that I’m on this course, is because my goal is to become a qualified solicitor, and I believe that Pearson College London gives me the best opportunity to do this for a number of reasons:

  • The tutors and lecturers have a lot of practical experience that they are able to apply to our seminars and lectures. Most of the tutors are qualified solicitors or barristers themselves and throughout the course so far, have shared their journeys and applied their experience to specific cases. If we have any follow up questions, or are struggling with a particular case study they are always available outside the classroom to talk over any problem areas.
  • At the end of the course I will graduate with an integrated masters and an Legal Practice Course (LPC) exemption! Pearson College London has an agreement with the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which means due to the specialised modules covered in the 4 year course, there is no need to do the Legal Practice Course after I graduate (which would normally cost around £15,000!) and can therefore go straight onto my training contract.

I’ve studied so many different modules ranging from Contract Law and civil litigation to EU Law, but my favourite has to have been Criminal Law. It’s so interesting to study about where our legal system was first created and the changes that have been made since in order to modernise the law. This year I’m going to be studying Company Law and Advocacy, Criminal Litigation, and Negotiation which I’m really looking forward to.

So far, the course has been challenging but also so rewarding. I love the area I study in because the campus community is very close knit, which means you really get the opportunity to make so many friends both on and outside of my course. It’s also right in Central London, with Covent Garden being just down the road, there’s always so much to explore after you finish class for the day.

Thinking about applying for this LLB/Mlaw degree?

If you’re thinking about applying for a Law degree at Pearson College London, these are my two top tips:

  • Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!!! Preparation is key when applying to study at a place like Pearson College London. Have a look on the website at the course outline and have a think about which modules sound interesting to you, that way you’re not in for any shocks when you start your degree.
  • Come to an Open Day! An Open Day is the best way for you as a prospective student to really get to have a look around the space you would be studying in. It’s also a great opportunity to have a chat with current students (like me) and ask them any questions you might have about the course or life at Pearson College London.

Remember that at times like this, no question is silly and they’re probably the same ones we had before we decided to study here too.