People often remember to take care of their bodies by doing regular exercise and eating healthily but then neglect their mental health. With it being Mental Health Awareness Week we thought it was important to remind you to take a break and take care of your minds, especially during this exam season.

Make lists

It can feel overwhelming when there’s a pile of work in front of you. Each day create a list of everything you want to achieve that day and tick them off as you complete them. Don’t set yourself ridiculous goals to achieve, but instead create short lists with the most important information you need to cover and reward yourself once you have completed the tasks!
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Don’t suffer in silence

Take the time to talk to your family and friends. You won’t be alone in feeling stressed and anxious so sharing the problems your facing will help you gain perspective. Family and friends may be able to help you revise in a more social and fun way which could reduce anxiety.
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Create time for tea

Remember to set yourself regular tea/water breaks to escape the revision. Going for short walks can help ease your mind so that you can focus your thoughts when you return to your revision.

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Remember to breathe

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed close your eyes and take deep, slow breaths. Counting to five each way will help circulate oxygen around your body and leave you feeling calmer.

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Sleeping beauty

It’s easy to fall into the habit of pulling all-nighters when it comes to end of year exams or coursework deadlines, but it’s this time of the year that it’s most important to get your 8 hours of sleep per night. It’ll help reduce stress and anxiety and you can start work or revision with a clear mind the next morning.

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Peace with perspective

Sometimes the idea of failing seems like it would be the end of the world, however it is important to remember that it isn’t. You should of course aim to achieve the best you can, but if for some reason something goes wrong on the day, it doesn’t automatically mean that it’s going to have a drastic impact on your future. Most exams can be retaken (chat with your personal tutors and academics), and when it comes to applying for jobs or internships employers don’t just look at scores, they’ll look at your attitude, your transferable skills and how you respond to difficult situations.