After refreshing your emails in your inbox an embarrassing number of times, the all important email from Pearson College London finally comes through. You have been offered a place on one of their Business or Escape courses. Yippee! Only... hold up? Where are you going to live when studying?

Living in London

Now all the London haters going to hate, but London’s student life is one of the best in the country and to maximise your experience at Pearson College London, you might want to check out what one of our partnering student accommodations can offer you!

Photo by Tamara Menzi / Unsplash

Tufnell House

Tufnell House is an official partner with Pearson College London and is located North on the Northern Line beside Tufnell Park station (and is only a short 20 minute commute to our campus from Tottenham Court Road).

Room options

I myself splashed out and went for the Bronze En-suite room which is the cheapest option within the accommodation and is the room I would highly recommend to any Pearson College London student staying at Tufnell House. Why? Because you have the option to live with 5 other Pearson students and have more than enough space that you would need in a student dorm room.

The real student experience

As a Pearson College London student, I can honestly say staying at Tufnell House is the best way to start your student experience and one I would recommend to any student joining our institution in September.