At Pearson College London, industry engagement is at the core of everything we do and industry days give us (the students) the chance to link real world learning to the theory learned on our course. They also give us the opportunity to find out more about different companies and provide us with examples that we can apply to our theory and assessments. Industry days consist of companies coming in to the college to set challenges for our students or students taking trips to the company HQ to learn more about their industry.

Visiting BDO UK LLP

On 3 April, students from Pearson College London were invited to the head office of global accounting firm BDO UK LLP. BDO is the 5th largest accountancy firm in the world with revenue over $8.1 billion dollars in total. The event was organised by ‘Young Professionals’ a company set up by a fellow student within Pearson College London - Dan Miller. The company aims to provide top level graduate job and internships to students across the UK.

During the event, students gained insight to the Company’s activities, its mission, and their graduate programmes. Students listened to experiences from employees across their main departments: tax, auditing, accounting, and business advisory. The speakers explained what they enjoyed about working within such an ‘open space within the building which can be used for lunch or winding down’ or ‘the support system built to ensure all new graduates progress well when they join’.

The challenge...

After the short speeches, the students were split into groups and the challenge was set. The challenge required the students to split into groups and present to a panel how BDO could attract more students to their graduate program. The presentations were made into a competition and the winners received BDO notebooks for their efforts. After the presentation all groups were also provided individual feedback so they knew what to improve on.

Overall the day was beneficial as it provided us with exclusive insight to the operations of the company and gave us a glimpse of what it would be like to work there. We were also able to gain the experience of being in a head office on a normal working day. The experience has been invaluable and I learnt a lot; I’m looking forward to the next industry day which I can learn even more about the companies I could potentially work for after graduation.