Congratulations - you've received an offer to study at Pearson College London. Now you've got your offer, you can start to apply for things such as student accommodation and student finance. You'll also need to make decisions on UCAS, depending on how many applications you made.

Arranging accommodation

Although we don’t have our own halls of residence, we work with one of the best providers in London, IQ Living in Tufnell House. You can find out more about the room options (including Pearson College London-only rooms here).

Commute to our campus: 30 minutes (approximately)

Prices: Starting from £225 per week

Contract lengths: A year at Pearson College London is 39 weeks so we reccomend choosing the 43 week option if you intend to go home over the summer holidays - or the 51 week option if you're going to stay in London over the summer holidays.

Applying for student finance

Student finance applications can be made here.

Tuition fee loan (available to UK and EU students): This isn’t means tested so all students will get the same depending on what course they’re applying for.

Maintenance loan (available to UK students): This is means tested so all students will receive a slightly different amount. In assessing a student for statutory support Student Finance calculate the household income, which also forms the basis of our bursary assessment.

Deadline to apply: 25th May 2018

Please note that Student Finance are updating their systems so we may not appear as an option at the moment, but we'll be in touch as soon as you can apply.

Responding to your offers

When you’ve received responses to all of your applications, UCAS will send you an email with a deadline to respond. There are three options:

  1. Make us a 'Firm Accept'
    This means you want us to be your first choice and by making us a firm, a place is yours if you meet your offer conditions.

  2. Make us an 'Insurance Accept'
    This means we’ll be your second (back–up) choice. We really hope to be your number one, but if your heart is set elsewhere, you can still include us as an insurance choice.

  3. Decline
    You can only have one firm choice and one insurance choice, so any other offers will be declined.


What's the difference between a conditional and unconditional offer?

Most of the offers we give to students are conditional - this means your place is conditional on achieving your predicted grades (this will be explained in the offer letter). An unconditional offer is usually given to students who have already achieved their results.

When is the deadline to respond to my offers?

This differs slightly as it depends on when you applied and when you heard back about your applications, but the first deadline is Wednesday 2nd May.

You can find the key UCAS dates here.

We hope this information has helped, but if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch! You can catch us on LiveChat, or by calling 0203 441 1303.